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Accessing capital—when you need it—at the most favorable rates and terms. Reducing debt service payments or converting short-term debt into a long-term, fully amortizing loan. For a healthcare business, these are critical to a successful operation. That’s why clients turn to SMF to meet their financing needs—for construction, renovations, expansion, acquisitions, or refinancing.

With collectively over 100 years of experience with HUD programs, SMF understands every aspect of HUD-insured loan programs and underwriting requirements. Plus our relationship with HJ Sims gives us an inside track to non-HUD solutions.

As an originator, processor, underwriter, and funder of loans for healthcare projects, we take a hands-on approach with every client. Our technical expertise ensures a nimble, efficient process where promises are kept, expectations are managed, decisions are optimized, and even the most complicated deals are done right and on time.



Lean Programs for Health Care

LEAN loans for nursing home, assisted living and memory care facilities are an excellent source of affordable capital, offering very attractive terms. They are non-recourse, with fixed rates of interest and fully amortizing terms of up to 40 years. These loans also offer 80% loan-to-value ratio,  a 1.45 debt service coverage ratio, non-recourse provisions.  Further, while other financing sources exhibit varying degrees of staying power in the market, HUD-insured loan programs remain constant.

LEAN, inaugurated in 2009, has brought significant improvements to the delivery of HUD-insured financing. It has established a uniform application template, standard underwriting and review protocols, and centralized policy and program development. These changes have transformed HUD mortgage insurance from the “financing of last resort” to an attractive, highly competitive program.

Construction or Substantial Rehabilitation

  • HUD Section 232 Loans to construct or substantially rehabilitate skilled nursing, assisted living and specialized use facilities.

Acquisition or Refinancing 

Renovation or Expansion


hud plus program

HUD Plus is a program offered exclusively through our parent company, HJ Sims. This program enables our clients to increase their leverage on a healthcare transaction beyond the standard 80% loan-to-value threshold up to 92.5% of value through the issuance of secondary financing structured in accordance with HUD’s requirements.

HUD Plus can be used in connection with refinancing existing debt or acquiring a property directly with a HUD-insured loan. Our clients have used this option to finance the acquisition of skilled nursing facilities from REITs where the lease agreement provided an option to purchase, or to recapitalize properties with high-interest rate debt. 

HUD Plus is a flexible program. Our clients have used it to acquire or recapitalize healthcare properties with bridge financing that eventually will be refinanced with HUD-insured loans. Under this two-step structure, the HUD Plus debt is closed at the same time as the bridge loan, but is designed to meet HUD’s requirements in advance of the HUD-insured financing. This enables our clients to acquire properties on short notice while retaining the advantages of higher leverage and a HUD-insured take-out at a later date.

why work with sims mortgage funding

We are industry thought leaders 
The Sims Mortgage Funding team has collectively over 100 years of experience with HUD programs.   We are known and respected by our peers in the industry. We serve on committees of national trade groups that help HUD establish FHA policies. We also have access to senior people at both HUD and FHA. We talk to them about policy one day; then about projects the next. And our clients reap the benefits.

Our entire organization is client focused
HUD-insured financing is a complex activity. We provide borrowers with superior personal service, and take a hands-on approach to every project. We know how to work through the inevitable issues and hiccups and get the best deal for our clients. And because we understand the best deal is one that gets closed quickly, we don’t promise things that can’t be delivered.